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12 August 2010 @ 12:34 am
- Regret...  
After that, I find myself thinking about how everything was so sudden ... I cant say i'm sorry, now ... But i know, that day will come, and i will sorely regret everything.

You were on my side, always, regardless of how I was with you...

I dont know what happen with me, i dont know how i could say all those things to you... Things that hurted you...

And, how can I forget you? I cant. You stay in my mind always, even if i have a 'beloved person' with me, i'll not forget you.

"We make choices all the time, the more mature and aware we become, the better and smarter are our choices."
I saw this sentence, and because of this i decided to write this all. And, yeah... Life consists of choices, and.. i made my choices, mature or not, i'll pay for this.

I did it, I was stupid, I was incoherent ... But I still love you. I said it would not change easily, love doesn't fades away so suddenly.

And though my heart cries to have it all right back, even if my only desire now is to drop everything just to have those feelings right back ... I wont do.

You're better off without me, I need not and do not want to cause suffering again.

So... I'm sorry...

"Anata ga koishikute koishikute
Kore ijoo dooshiyoomo nakute
Anata ga koishikute koishikute
Zutto zutto daisukidayou"
Current Music: Ai Otsuka - Daisuki da yo