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20 August 2010 @ 01:25 am
- More than tears...  
Do you remember when everything was perfect?
Everything was perfect because i had you with me. And now? What we got?

About long days i was thinking about you... Been a long time since that day, right? Do you still remember all the promises?
I can remember all the feelings shattered in that morning... I was afraid to hurt you, but, when the lies became truth, i had to put an end to my torture.
The time passes and our memories aren't erased... All i want most to forget, comes up when the details reminds me yours gestures.
It was a long way... And, all my wishes were lost... Only you know my truth, only you know what i really wanted.

Sorry if i made you cry...

I miss you, dearest.
"I will crying in the rain ano sora no mukou sukui wo motome..."
- Bya, i still remembering... ♥
Current Music: Forsaken - DeathGaze